KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Knowshon Moving On

03.05.14 4 years ago 37 Comments


Despite a career season from Knowshon Moreno in 2013, the Broncos appear ready to let the 26-year-old running back hit free agency and use Montee Ball as their regular rusher. This is being reported in an article titled, “Broncos likely to ride young horses at running back”. Lots of pony rides in 2014, guys.

— The Bills are taking a year off their annual Toronto game in 2014. Probably because Rob Ford was there during the last one and you never want the sad things in the stands to upstage the sad things on the field.

— The Browns president promises new “cutting-edge” uniforms for the team, though they won’t be unveiling until before the draft in 2015. Chances are, he’s being literal the Browns need a year to perfect implanting knives into their jerseys. It’s the only they’re gonna be competitive!

— Speaking of, a Browns fan robbed a bank in Cincinnati but dropped a pack of money during his escape. Must be working for Davone Bess.


— Ooh, Peyton Manning with some new facial hair. DARKEST TIMELINE PEYTON! I’d really like to see what darkest timeline Peyton Manning would be like. I imagine he’d be the corporate spokesman for a whole lot of unsavory businesses. He certainly wouldn’t be lifting regions like he is now.

— Brandon Browner has been reinstated by the NFL, just in time to hit free agency next week. Word has it that it’s possible that Browner may still be suspended for some games at the start of the 2014 season, so the NFL is letting him come back, but they want to make sure they can take a big hit out of his next contract in the process.

— Eli Manning rocking out at a Better Than Ezra concert in New Orleans. Hey, if the music is harder than Kidz Bop, that’s Elisha taking a wild on the wild side.

— It’s being reported that the Steelers will in fact not cut Troy Polamalu. That’s nice. You’d hate to see the guy get the ax after the one of the few times he’s managed to stay healthy in the last five years. UPDATE: Looks like the team signed Polamalu to a three-year extension on Wednesday, so more years of leaping off-sides over the line.

— So much for Chad Johnson resurrecting his NFL career as a defensive back. Here’s a video of him getting torched by scrappiness.

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