KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Knowshon’s Tears Explained

01.08.14 4 years ago 32 Comments


— Knowshon Moreno talked with SI’s Tim Layden about the huge fountain stream of tears he let loose during the National Anthem before a game against the Chiefs in December. Unfortunately, the discussion was more about how he always gets emotional during the Anthem and not how he has freakishly superhuman tear ducts.

— The Redskins are interviewing Jay Gruden and reports indicate that he’s the team’s top choice for head coach, which is just hilarious enough to be true.

— Sean Payton believes that Rob Ryan is head coach material. Let’s hope he’s right. In fact, Rob to the ‘Skins would be a treasure. “What does Snyder want? I’m busy down here in Waldorf buying a round by my 38 best stripper friends.”

— Chris Kluwe said his initial comments on Mike Priefer were too harsh in that he just thinks the Vikings special team coach needs therapy and not to be driven from the league. Though I was hoping, as PFT Commenter suggested, that Kluwe was walking back his comments and claiming Priefer only wanted to put gays on a peninsula – not an island – and nuke them.

— According to a search warrant related to a 2012 double homicide, he was in the SUV that was involved in a drive-by shooting that resulted in two killed and another injured. Though the warrant doesn’t indicate that there’s evidence that Hernandez was the shooter, I’m sure he’ll do something dumb like brag about it in a prison letter.

— Just like last season, Wild Card Weekend had the least penalized per-game average of any week to that point in the season. 2008 and 2009 that postseason games averaged more penalties per game than the regular season.

— Joe Flacco’s brother, Mike Flacco, is declaring for the NFL Draft. He was an ELITE 26-year-old third-team Division II All-American tight end who hadn’t played football since high school because he was pursuing a baseball career. Start clearing your draft boards, NFL GMs.

— Two former Ravens players are auctioning off their Super Bowl rings while Jamal Lewis is selling his miniature Lombardi trophy from Super Bowl XXXV. I bet there’s fun contraband hidden in that trophy.

— Clinton Portis did the “Royale with cheese” scene from Pulp Fiction for the ACC Digital Network. Only quibble is it’s not as Sheriff Gonna Getcha.

— Goodell said playoff expansion is under serious consideration, which is another way of him testing the waters to see how much fans hate the idea before going through with it anyway.

— Alec Baldwin will host this year’s NFL Honors show this year the night before the Super Bowl. Not sure anyone actually watches this, so they might have just explained to Baldwin that he’s hosting SNL for the 40th time.

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