KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Manzielf!

05.13.14 3 years ago 94 Comments


The folks at College Football Reddit came up this shirt idea of the Browns elf doing the Manziel cash gesture. Glory elf!

— Meanwhile, Jimmy Haslam says that Brian Hoyer remains the Browns starting quarterback and there’s no assurance that Manziel will win the job by the start of the regular season. Because Jimmy Haslam totally seems like someone whose word you should trust.

— Pete Carroll was slyly tipping the Seahawks draft picks on Twitter in the weeks leading up to the draft. That actually seems like a Jim Irsay move, but I guess someone had to pick up the slack with him in rehab.

— Andrew Luck randomly wandered into some couple’s wedding photos because he’s just a benevolent Hodor walking the streets doing good deeds.

— Bill Cowher, Deion Sanders and James Brown to anchor the pregame and halftime portions of CBS’ Thursday night coverage this season. Sure, that sounds like something I can half pay attention to.

— Patrick Peterson believes he’s worth more than the $57 million contract Richard Sherman just received, which is fine, but sure to inspire many, many hot takes.

— Joe Montana wants to open a hotel and entertainment complex across the street from the 49ers’ new stadium in Santa Clara, but the team is threatening to block the project unless he gives up land for 789 parking spaces. It’s a business story masquerading as a sports story!

— Eli Manning, a month removed from ankle surgery, said he feels 100 percent but doctors tell him that he isn’t. “MOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM, TELL DR. FERGUSON I’M GOOD! YOU KISSED IT AND MADE IT BETTER!”

— The Texans won’t be trading for Ryan Mallett after all. Well, bad news for him getting playing time but now he gets to look at TWO handsome quarterbacks on the Patriots sideline.

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