KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Memoirs of a Back Geisha

03.19.14 4 years ago 56 Comments

When last we left Josh Gordon’s back tattoo, the groundwork of craziness was just being laid. But here we are a month later and it’s really starting to come together. There’s a geisha now. Hopefully she winks at you and bows demurely when he flexes his back or else what’s the point?

— The Cowboys signed Henry Melton to a one-year deal with a club option for three more. Quarterbacks in the NFC East are advised to search for bite marks after hit this coming season.

— Maurice Jones-Drew is meeting with the Steelers on Wednesday. Would be great to have him backing up LeVeon Bell just to see if casual fantasy players would still draft him high based on name recognition.

— Jim Irsay’s 33-year-old daughter, Carlie Irsay-Gordon, will assume control of day-to-day operations for the Colts while her father is in rehab. So far, it appears as if her past is clear of mistakes wake up calls.

— Former Buccaneers tackle Donald Penn is signing with the Raiders, thus further burnishing their massive haul of free agents in their 30s.

— Colt McCoy said he learned more about playing quarterback in his one season with the 49ers than the rest of his career elsewhere combined. Overheard in 2013: “Oooohh, so letting James Harrison smash into my face was a BAD idea!”

— Devin Hester is reportedly seeking $4 million per year from his next team. This ESPN story says the Packers could get involved in negotiations, which really isn’t much of a scoop as just about any team conceivably could. Still, it would be fun to watch Tampa and Green Bay duke it out for all former Bears players this off-season.

— Michael Vick is said to be meeting with the Jets this weekend. Can’t say what Ookie will bring to the team at this point, but his addition should be wonders for KSK Rex Ryan posts.

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