KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: NUMMA NUMMA NUMMA NUMMA

02.02.11 7 years ago 49 Comments

An ESPN camera crew wandered through Media Day asking Steelers players to recite the lyrics to the omnipresent Steelers anthem, Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow.” As expected, they have a little difficulty once they get out of the refrain. Antonio Brown in particular seems like a fan of awkward trailing off in rap lyrics.

Dan Snyder is threatening to sue Washington City Paper unless the weekly fires long-time Snyder basher Dave McKenna for a November feature McKenna wrote enumerating the litany of reasons why people should hate the Redskins owner.

To prevent similar legal action being taken against KSK, we’re prepared to offer the following apologies to Snyder:

– We apologize for alleging that Dan Snyder orchestrated the Tunguska event to improve the view on his property.

– We apologize for alleging that Dan Snyder instituted $25 “concessions mandate” for all season ticket holders.

– We apologize for alleging that Dan Snyder actually paid a lot for that muffler in 2001.

– We apologize for the fact that Napoleon couldn’t have produced a less obnoxious complex.

– We apologize for saying Kindergarten Ninja should have won an Oscar. It should have won 12 Oscars.

– We apologize for allowing Unsilent Majority’s two years of brazen overhype to shame Brandon Lloyd into underperforming.

– And most of all, we’re sorry you’re a little bitch.

  • Upright Citizens Brigade sent us this parody video about mayoral Super Bowl bets. It’s pretty all right, but we were mostly impressed that their media contact actually bothered to spell out all our (fake) names in the solicitation e-mail and didn’t only send it/address it to Drew. A promotion is in order!
  • We applaud Boston media for waiting an entire week and a half before beginning to wonder aloud about whether the Steelers are lucky to make the Super Bowl because once again the Patriots lost to a team that the Steelers beat in the conference championship. NAWT FAY-UH [Boston Herald]
  • Friend-of-the-blog Kevin Blackistone sadly joins the media chorus of Super Bowl weather whining. I’ll be sure to raise this complaint when I guest lecture at his University of Maryland journalism class later this month, during which I explain the finer points of going broke, blogger-style.
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