KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Rapestand Comes Extra

02.13.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

– The Inn of the Dove, a themed sex hotel located just outside Philadelphia, touts an Eagles suite. Finally, a chance to play out all your favorite Iggles jokes in sexy, sexy fashion. Promise a dream encounter only to leave your partner in tears. Paint your dick to look like a Energizer battery and then hit a girl in the face with it. Ass-rape Santa Claus. Be sure to wear this jersey. The options are limited only by the number of things we make fun of Eagles fans about. If nothing else, we just hope the Inn does a bang-up job of cleaning that netting behind the bed.

– In other news, Bill Belichick wore a hoodie while playing in a golf tournament over the weekend because he is Bill Belichick.

– Not only is Bradying still a thing, but it’s hit its high water mark.

– Victor Cruz did his salsa dance again last night at the Grammys, because morbid curiosity dictates that when an audience is already cheering for Chris Brown, you’ve got to see how far they’re willing to go.

– It was last week that I first saw this Titans fan cover of “Faith” tweaked to lure Peyton Manning back to his college home of Tennessee. I thought it was horrible and didn’t want to inflict it on you, dear readers. Then today I found myself needing more items to pad out the klearinghouse and forgot all about you. Sorry! At least it’s better than Durst’s version.

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