KSK Kontent Klearinghouse — Rashard Mendenhall’s Retirement Vision

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Though Rashard Mendenhall started 15 games for the Cardinals in 2013 and scored eight touchdowns, it’s debatable whether his first season in Arizona did much to revitalize his once promising career. He only rushed for 687 yards over that span, averaging 3.2 yards per carry. The Cardinals’ offensive line is far from the greatest, though Andre Ellington had emerged as the offense’s best weapon out of the backfield.

Whether Mendenhall sees the writing on the wall is uncertain, but he is seeing something. From his blog at The Huffington Post:

A little more than two years ago, while sitting still on my couch in Pittsburgh, I saw something very clearly. Some people would call it a vision. I could see myself swimming in a large body of water, most likely an ocean. It was very late at night, remote from any shores and the waters were far from steady. It was not a comfortable place to be. Such a circumstance would seem to be very dangerous, or at least frightful; however as I watched myself journey those dark waters, for some reason, I knew I’d be okay. Deep down inside, I knew I was protected.

I was moving towards something, that I could barely see in the distance. I would have to work hard to get there. There was no way I could stay where I was and survive, nor did I want to. Getting there would be anything but easy. But it would ultimately be worth it.

What I saw in the distance was a statue of the Blessed Mother.

The cryptic post ends with Mendenhall stating that this vision happened the day after he tore his ACL with the Steelers and the journey depicted in the vision surely represents the last two years of his life. And now that it’s over, well, something new begins. So either he’s hinting at an end of his football career or, well, take it up with our resident True Detective theorist.

— Two Jets trainers saved an elderly woman’s life on a flight to Indianapolis for the combine. In response, team officials have hung a DO NOT RESUSCITATE sign around Mark Sanchez’s neck.


— Veteran PGA golfer Steve Elkington has a strong MANLY MAN take on Michael Sam. Would love to see this fat old asshole try to make that joke in the face of a 260 lb. football player.

— Panthers tackle Jordan Gross will announce his retirement on Wednesday after 11 seasons in the league. The money that frees up will likely allow them to keep Greg Hardy, though.

— The Dolphins reportedly wanted to bring Jonathan Martin back recently, but the lineman’s agents declined the offer. I give it 10 hours before this is turned into a HOT TAKE about how Martin is a double quitter.

— Rich Eisen did his annual “LOL old guy runs the 40” thing at the combine and finished under six seconds for the first time. That means either the off-season is over or six more months of off-season. I forget how it works.

— Off-topic but I would argue that Mario Kart is always relevant. Anyway, here’s speed skating with Mario Kart powerups.

— It’s possible the NFL could relocate next year’s Super Bowl from Arizona if the state passes a bill that permits business with owners with strong religious beliefs to refuse service to gay people. They could also move it to Nuke Island. Mike Priefer said all the gays are welcome there!

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