KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Schedules become highly abstract when you’re high

04.20.10 7 years ago 42 Comments

You got your Schedule Release Day in my 420. The NFL is finally ready to release their precious schedule, and they’ll do so tonight at 7 pm EST on their website. Peter King is positively nonplussed, but those of us who aren’t assholes have a right to be excited. While I don’t plan on going home to sit in front of the computer hitting refresh, I do look forward to running down the Redskins schedule assigning wins and losses without stopping to think. Of course today is also 4/20, so if you project your favorite team to finish 11-27 you might want to revisit it tomorrow when you’re a bit more clear-headed.

Jared Allen sounds pretty serious, homeboy. Listen, if you’re going to call Jared Allen’s fiance a cunt he’s going to threaten to break your neck. Hey man, that’s assault. SUSPEND THE ANIMAL BEFORE HE THREATENS TO STRIKE AGAIN! [With Leather via TMZ, who felt it necessary to mention that Allen is an avid hunter, which seems totally relevant]

McNabb and TO to reunite QUESTION MARK Donovan McNabb reportedly told coaches he’d be interested in seeing the Redskins pursue Terrell Owens. Or something like that. Hey Donovan, you’ve been here for about five minutes. How about keeping your fucking mouth shut around Werder and Paolantonio? Especially on the topic of personnel. We already have one putz in the GM’s ear, and that’s more than enough. [ESPN]

Sheep pig? SHEEP PIG!

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