KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Small Hands Across the World

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Draft buildup is stupid, part 12 million. Only one more day!

— A Jets cheerleader has filed a class-action suit against the team for not being paid for appearances and practices during her year-plus with the squad. This is the fourth suit filed by a cheerleader against an NFL team for lack of wages, so prepared for cheerleaders not to be a thing in the near future as the cost of demeaning people will get prohibitively expensive for NFL owners due to litigation.

— Rob Ford compared his time in rehab to the Redskins training camp he attended as a boy. Of course, those were the days of Dexter Manley, so you can kind of trace the legacy of rehab going on here.

— A Seattle radio station plans to only refer to the 49ers as the Santa Clara 49ers. Ha ha, way to show your rivals by only referencing them by the municipality in which their stadium resides! Nothing hurts more!



Bros are very excited about the news that Blake Bortles’ girlfriend will indeed be in attendance at the draft on Thursday.

— Ben Roethlisberger said he thinks he’ll be able to play another 5-7 years, just as his retina detached, his throwing arm broke off clean at the shoulder and he was hit simultaneously by four linemen.

— The Jaguars organized a cute sendoff for their fans traveling to New York City for the draft. See, that’s nice. If you’re going to subject people to horrible football, you can at least be pleasant to them.

— Miami police released two audio tapes from the April 4 incident involving Colin Kaepernick, Quinton Patton, Ricardo Lockett and a women who apparently calls herself Jesus. Kaep might have sexually assaulted Jesus? Oooooohhh, he’s in more trouble than I thought.

— I had actually forgotten about this, but take a moment and recall when Mike Brown turned down the Saints’ entire draft in 1999 (plus two additional first rounders and a second) and still took Akili Smith. Such a masterstroke in Mike Brownery.

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