KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Warpussy and Battledogs

01.22.10 8 years ago 124 Comments

The Jets might be out to jinx themselves with the ol’ “offer championship merch before the title game is even played” routine, but at least their supporters have the right idea to generate success. Considering that Mark Sanchez was caught eating a hot dog on the sidelines when the Jets played the Raiders, you have to know the Conquistador is solidly behind this ploy.

  • Fellow Midwesterner Will Leitch tries his hand at hating the Fat Humps. A tepid attempt weighed down with requisite politeness, but appreciated nonetheless for harping on the town’s idiocy vis-a-vis daylight savings, that nothing’s open after 8:30 and, yes, the fact that they fell for Lyle Lanley’s monorail pitch.

    Also: Steak N’ Shake is a fucking third-rate backwater IHOP substitute. Yet they all love it like they were collectively birthed from the generous dessert menu.

  • In his latest brain dripping, Jason Whitlock likens Brett Favre to Muhammad Ali. Because no Vietcong ever called him Gunslinger.
  • Prince made a fight song for the Vikings. This is what it sounds like when he doesn’t try.
  • The Jaguars are looking to hire Joe Cullen, best known for going through a dive thru naked when he was a coach with the Lions. They just HAD to wait until Matt Jones was gone. The adventures they could have had would’ve rewritten the book on crack-addled wackiness.
  • Cardinals fans – leading the league in team-branded face tattoos that appear in mug shots, as well as fail pattern baldness.
  • Here’s video of the play against Baltimore where Peyton Manning yells at Donald Brown for screwing up his assignment. Kind of funny, but what rankles me is that Pey-Pey could have easily thrown the ball out of bounds, but instead he preferred to flop again like a little nancy. “No, not my precious completion percentage!”

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