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10.25.12 5 years ago 30 Comments

I finally got around to watching the NFL Films 30-minute special on Tecmo Super Bowl. At the end, the show teased a segment for an upcoming special, which features an NFL figure getting made into a zombie by the cast of “The Walking Dead”. While the teaser didn’t specify who it is, that’s definitely Hines Ward as a zombie.


Still not quite as gruesome as the throwbacks the Steelers are bringing out for Sunday’s game against the Redskins.

Here’s the full 30-minute NFL Films special on Super Tecmo Bowl. It’s good watchin’, though brace yourself for some dude wearing a Drew Bledsoe Redskins jersey for whatever reason.

— Romeo Crennel removed a sign outside the Chiefs locker room that said “Eliminate Bad Plays” and replaced it with a sign that reads “Play Good Football.” Such textbook football coach behavior. Anyway, PROBLEM SOLVED!

— The rift between Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria supposedly developed because she was tired of him being all hangdog over Jets’ losses. And by that, she obviously means Nacho banging high school girls.

— Teebs was voted the most overrated player in the league by fellow players. Mark Sanchez finished a distant second. Poor Greg McElroy, sitting on the Jets sideline, moaning, “Where’s my overhype?”

— Meanwhile, Brandon Marshall defended Tebow on ESPN for the usual Christiany reasons that people defend him.

— Richard Sherman, the Seahawks corner who was shit-talking Tom Brady on Twitter, has this week changed his Twitter name to Optimus Prime in advance of his showdown with Megatron on Sunday. No word on whether his customized truck transforms into safety help on deep routes.

— Rich Eisen is doing an AMA over at Reddit, in case you wanna ask him about running the 40 at the draft or whatever the hell else you would ask Rich Eisen.

— Kinda old, but new to me. Anyway, I like the part where she goes splat.

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