KSK Mailbag: Joe Damato Is a Moronic A–Hole

12.20.07 10 years ago 65 Comments

Some first-class asshole named Joe Damato wrote into us regarding a satirical post in which we had a fictional David Garrard act as a pimp. Well, Joe noticed an inaccuracy in the post. He writes:

Here’s your quote:

“No? Good. Did you know officers, by law, have to answer that last question honestly? Isn’t that interesting? Now, if you don’t mind, I need to have Tiny here pat you down. TINY!”

Officers don’t. If they did, there would be no such thing as an “undercover” officer because numb nut criminals would say…”are you a cop?” and the cop would say “aw shucks…..ya’ got me!” There goes the whole idea of “undercover.”

Either go to law school or do some research….get your fat asses off of the couch and stop being ignorant.

Just a friendly reminder for whichever one of you douche bags tries to buy some blow or grass from a guy on the street. “Are you a cop?,” doesn’t work. Morons.

We suggested to Joe that if he can’t recognize satire, he should probably go ahead and hang himself. He replied:

If you can’t recognize accuracy, then you should keep doing whatever it is you are doing. Fucking morons.
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Wait. So…

What are we supposed to do again? Is it go to law school, do some research, or keep doing what we’re doing?

Hey Joe, guess who’s both the dumbest and the most righteous jackass to ever send us an angry email?

You are, asshole. I hope this is the first thing that pops up when someone Googles you. Merry Christmas, cocksucker.

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