KSK Mailbag: Thank You for Your Ignorant-Ass Feedback

06.06.08 9 years ago 46 Comments

We wouldn’t have our email addresses posted here if we didn’t welcome reader feedback. Many of our favorite things to appear on this site — the official KSK song comes to mind — have come from readers wanting to share their two cents.

(Side note: many sports bloggers also send KSK links to their take on the NBA Finals or an early look at the Cy Young race. These people can’t fuck off and die soon enough.)

Earlier this week, our own Unsilent Majority received the following email from reader (or possibly non-reader) Donovan Payton, who seemingly used his real name to email the Maj:

you suck man. Your blog sucks. KSK sucks. Rocky IV, the orgin of your name is the suckiest of them all…even worse than V….oh yeah…you suck.

Thanks, Don! We couldn’t agree more. The Maj does suck. So do both our blog and Kissing Suzy Kolber, in case anyone gets the two confused. However, we missed the part where Suzy Kolber interviewed Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, and it’s the group’s majority opinion that V was a pretty sweet miniseries.

Remember when that hot chick unhinged her jaw and swallowed a guniea pig whole? Holy fuck. It looked like Maurice Morris on sailors’ payday. Alien Nazi lizards are bad news, man.

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