KSK Meast And Least For Week 10

11.16.10 7 years ago 28 Comments

Your Meast for Week 10 is Michael Vick, obviously. Jerricho Cotchery made a Measty play where he suffered a slight groin tear and still made catch for a first down in overtime in Cleveland. And that’s nice; he’s to be commended, for sure. But, really, it couldn’t be anyone else but Ookie.

Captain Hindsight: There are two dozen teams that should have signed Michael Vick during the summer of 2009. The 49ers could have turned around their franchise!

I can’t tell you how appreciative I was of LaRon Landry getting torched for 88-yards on the opening play. Diptwat D.C. media goes out of its way to portray Landry on par with other elite safeties in the league. He makes a big play every so often, sure, but those only come after he gets beat horribly in coverage a couple times. Oh and he made it that much satisfying by talking a ton of shit to DeSean before the game started.

Your Least for Week 10 is New Meadowlands Stadium, which underwent two blackouts during the third quarter of Sunday’s game between the Giants and Cowboys.

That’s something you like to see out of a $1.6 billion stadium in its first year of operation. While there were reports of brawls in the blacked out sections of the stadium, the CEO of the New Meadowlands later said incidents involving security were about on par with a usual Cowboys-Giants game. Which makes sense, actually. Has scrutiny ever been known to stop Jersey meatheads from causing trouble?

We also considered Chansi Stuckey for fumbling away what was shaping up to be a Browns upset of the Jets in overtime, as well as the Texans’ Glover Quin for generally posting a horrible effort against Jacksonville which was capped by tipping the Jags’ Hail Mary forward into the waiting hands of Mike Thomas. Also, we gave Favre his usual Least consideration, but a Favre Least never quite feels right unless it involves a pick-six on a potential tying or winning drive.

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