KSK Mock Draft: A Movie Room Of One’s Own

03.25.11 7 years ago 127 Comments

This week we’re drafting a specific room from the movie of your choosing. Any room that is picked would be magically added to your respective homes. You would have full use/ownership of every physical thing in said room, except for the people (owning people is not chill). Once a particular movie has been selected all other rooms from that movie (or franchise) are off the board. This one was Drew’s idea, so we’ll start with fairly obvious number one choice.

1. Drew – The Bat Cave

Drew didn’t specify a particular movie, so we’ll assume he’s going with the most up-to-date version.

2. Punte – The spy room in Sliver.

Though I wonder how much voyeurism I could accomplish while plowing Sharon Stone.

3. Caveman – That room in The Matrix where all the gun racks come whooshing in.

Sometimes I want my AR-15 to come to me.

4. Ape – The masturbatorium from Running With Scissors.

5. Flubby – Jackie Treehorn’s living room from The Big Lebowski.

The Sheats Goldstein Residence is quite lovely, even if it isn’t in Malibu.

6. Maj – The Holodeck from Star Trek.

Granted, I’ve never actually seen any of the movies, but I think I could get pretty good use out of this thing.

7. Maj – Tony Stark’s workshop from the Iron Man franchise.

Now I just need an engineer to teach my how to work all of this shit.

8. Flubby – Vito Corleone’s office.

The nice one at home–not the olive oil warehouse.

9. Ape – Pick Vacated

Ape was busy.

10. Drew – Harry Potter’s room of requirement.

11. Caveman – Thunderdome

It’s spacious, ups my square footage considerably, and it would be fun to say to guests, “Shall we retire to the Thunderdome for a drink?”

12. Punte – The playroom of Jackie Gleason’s kid from The Toy.

“Daddy I want a Jack Brown windup!”

And now it’s your turn. Go nuts, and enjoy your weekend.

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