KSK Mock Draft: ‘Hell of a cocktail’

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Normally this is the time of year for commenter drafts. However, I recently realized that we have never had a proper Mock Draft honoring the cocktial. It’s been five years since our mixed drink commenter draft, and we felt it was time for an update. So much has changed since then, from trends and personal tastes, to the makeup of the blog itself (one of us is a lady now). If you look back at that old draft you will see a lot of long retired commenters (unless you’re all changing your names every six months). So yeah, we’re due for an update when it comes to cocktails. Continue after the jump for a three round marathon of spirits, then jump in the comments and add your own.

1. Flubby – Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonic

G&T’s are my preferred method of gin delivery. In some places, particular those I frequent, martinis, fairly or not, are associated with a certain douchebaggish element. But you can order a g&t with confidence anywhere.

2. CC – Old Fashioned

I go back and forth between rye and bourbon, but generally I prefer a little less simple syrup to let the complexity of the bitters come through more.

3. Ape – Whiskey Sour

Image via Straubs.

4. Drew – Suffering Bastard

1 ounce bourbon
1 ounce gin
1 ounce fresh lime juice
1 dash Angostura bitters
4 ounces chilled ginger ale

5. UM – Old Pal

Image via me.

I have been a straight whiskey person for years, but I’m finally giving in to at-home cocktail making. It really helps when the cocktail has three ingredients, and is delicious. But I probably need to invest in a new bottle of vermouth. Why must they make them so big? I only need a splash.

6. Sarah – Bombay Gin Martini

Image via Yelp.

Extra olives. I’ve come to prefer plain Bombay to Sapphire and when made by a skilled bartender, there is nothing smoother in the world.

7. Sarah – Gimlet

Image via Infograficx.

Refreshing like a margarita without all the nonsense extra calories.

8. UM – Old Saigon

It’s rye whiskey with muddled thai basil, some in-house bitters and the all-important luxardo cherry. I had it at ChoLon bistro in Denver, and it’s the best fucking drink I’ve had all year. By far. So if you’re in Denver, or have any plans to be there, go to ChoLon, sit at the bar and order this drink. Then get a table and order the pork buns, kung pao and brussels sprouts.

9. Drew – Mount Gay and Diet Coke

Image via.

With lime. DO YOUR WORST.

Mount Gay is what they called Drew in prep school.

10. Ape – Boulevardier

It’s basically a Negroni with rye whiskey instead of gin.

11. CC – Negroni

Image via Drywell Art.

With a splash of soda. So fucking good.

And for the general discussion, I’d like to add that any drink with a cherry is measurably better with a Luxardo cherry, even though a jar of ’em costs an arm and a leg. So add that to my Old Fashioned, please.

And they’re only 15 cents a cherry if you order a 12 pound can. Let’s all go in on one!

12. Flubby – Dark and Stormy

Image via The Kitchn.

it’s almost Memorial Day weekend, which for me usually involves Dark & Stormies (Gosling’s Black Seal only) and yacht rock.

13. Flubby – Sangria

It’s a cocktail under the terms of this draft, if not the traditional sense.

14. CC – Whiskey Smash

Image via David Lansing.

Best possible warm-weather whiskey drink.

Ed. note: I’d drink a gallon of that, then puke in the grill.

15. Ape – Mojito

So many shitty ones out there but amazing when done right.

16. Drew – Caipirinha

17. UM – Bloody Mary

Image via I Heart Brunch.

There are few things more enjoyable than encountering a well-stocked bloody mary bar. Ketel Vodka, some freshly made bloody mary mix, lots spicy horseradish, a few strong shakes of old bay, a dash of Worcestershire and a bit of hot sauce if the horseradish isn’t taking you home. Then you get to garnish it with whatever the hell you want. Celery? Fine. Something pickled or brined? Even better. Shrimp cocktail and a strip of bacon. Yes and YES.

18. Sarah – Rusty Nail

In Canada, a Rusty Nail is served with Rye, and is called a Donald Sutherland. You’d better not be lying about this one Wikipedia, because I’m going to Canada specifically to order this.

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