KSK Mock Draft: The Meme Stops Here

04.01.11 7 years ago 134 Comments

The one meme we’d never want to be without.Memes are everywhere on the internet. Some, like our friend Beaker, are endearing and hilarious. Unfortunately a lot of them are grating and obnoxious. That’s why this week we’re drafting memes that we’d banish from the internet forever. Flubby gets us started after the jump.

1. Flubby: Chuck Norris Facts


He’s a pussy.

2. Ape: Hipster Ariel


Great. Another opportunity to rehash hipster jokes from seven years ago.

3. Punte: Paula Deen

Yeah, she’s fat and sassy, but she’s no Robocop.

4. CC: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

Cute when I first saw it. Less so when people were still emailing me the link six months later.

5. UM: Hitler reacts to [blank]

Have you guys seen this? This is the best one ever. It’s just like all of the other ones, but the subtitles are different so it’s totally new!


Started off amusing, now basically used by any shithead.

7. BDD: “Friday” parodies


They’ve only just begun to irritate me.

8. UM: Hamster Dance

It’s old and forgotten by most, but the second I heard the draft topic suggested that fucking song started running through my head.


It irritates the shit out of me — it’s like a hipster version of FAIL. So some idiot didn’t conjugate a verb correctly, big whoop.

10. Punte: Auto-Tune The Whatever


It’s more like life support for memes that are better off dying out gracefully.

11. Ape: Lip-dubs


12. Flubby: Rick Roll

When I saw it on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade I knew it had bottomed out.

I think we’ve done some good work here. Of course there are plenty of other memes sitting out there waiting to annoy. Take your turn in the comment section. And no Rick Rolling, assholes.

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