KSK Off-Topic: A Children’s Treasury of Tiger Woods Commercial Parodies

04.08.10 7 years ago 16 Comments

Nike Golf yesterday debuted this unsettling and cynically timed ad featuring a recording of the late Earl Woods speaking a few vaguely relevant questions about learning from mistakes while Tiger is filmed in black and white blinking. As with anything this ripe for parody, the wags set to work applying every wry twist and vulgar reference at their disposal. We applaud their efforts, however irrelevant to football they may be.

Jimmy Kimmel was the first to strike. You know Bill Simmons isn’t still writing for this show because Mr. Miyagi wasn’t worked in to their spoof.

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if Tiger talked to Tiger while the listening Tiger blinked? Blinked hugely and quickly?

And lookie here! Even I made one! I am a very topical maker of jokes!

Oh man! Slate totally did one of those Coors Light press conference wiseacre things! They went there, Home School! It might be a tired concept, but not as tired as you think!

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