KSK Photoshop Challenge: Have Some Fun With This New York Giants Fan

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04.27.12 57 Comments

It’s Friday and all I want to do is nap, drink and drink, so in lieu of any long-winded speeches about what an honor it has been to be associated with these proper villains for two days, I’ll just say – thanks for having me, folks. But I do not leave these hallowed halls without handing out some gifts to you wonderful commenters. Nothing is free, though, so don’t think you’re gonna get some handies from me and never call me again.

Nope, what I’ve got is a whole bunch of With Leather shirts to give away, and it begins with that delightful Giants fan above, doing what New York sports fans do best – being pissed off for no reason. Seriously, was there anything better than listening to New York fans boo Roger Goodell and every pick last night? Trick question. Yes. When Jets fans chanted, “We want [Melvin] Ingram!” and they got Quinton Coples instead. Perfect.

So is this guy booing? Is he screaming, “HOOTIE!” for Darius Rucker? Is he showing Kate Upton what he wants her to do (ed. – Sexy Friday coming up next!)? Does he have lockjaw and require serious medical help? That’s up to you to decide. Fire up the photoshop and let’s have some fun with this Giants fan. My favorites will get free t-shirts.

I already got the jump on you guys with a few of my own.

(UPDATE: Holy crap, you animals. I’ll look through these and announce the winner(s) in this week’s Sexy Friday.)

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