KSK Posts Satire Of Deadspin Story Crossposted From An ESPN Reaction To A ProFootballTalk Piece About Sports Journalism

02.25.14 4 years ago 39 Comments



At 11:45 AM today, NFL humor website Kissing Suzy Kolber lampooned a story written by Barry Petchesky of Deadspin, who offered commentary and analysis of an ESPN piece written by Michael Wilbon in reaction to an article posted on ProFootballTalk by writer Mike Florio about the state of sports journalism today. Sources at ESPN have confirmed that a significant portion of today’s SportsCenter programs would be dedicated to the story, with detailed analysis of each of the writers’ views and opinions by Stuart Scott and Trey Wingo.

Sources went on to confirm that Peter King of The MMQB is already planning on dedicating a significant portion of his Monday column to the story, prompting further reactions by sportswriters, and beginning the cycle anew. Reached for comment was Mel Kiper Jr., who confirmed that reportage on this story would not appreciably affect the draft stock of any prominent college athlete entering the NFL draft. Darren Rovell, though reached for comment, did not respond upon hearing this story, and was instead heard breathing heavily and moaning in pleasure. Adam Schefter has posited that this story bodes well for the 49ers’ Super Bowl chances this year.

At press time, Kissing Suzy Kolber has been able to confirm that the original ProFootballTalk piece was itself a reaction piece to a Busted Coverage post on a shirt that Eli Manning wore.

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