KSK Week in Review: ‘The Evidence’

04.10.15 3 years ago 343 Comments

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Just yesterday, our Johnny Sugar wrote a fine rant about how no one in the NFL apparently has any compunction about all-around rapey idiot Jameis Winston being the top pick in this year’s draft. Not 24 hours later, as though we summoned the very forces of cynicism, David Cornwell, the lawyer representing Winston, spoke this morning at Villanova about his client. Just a few highlights:

Cornwell, you may recall, also represented Ben Roethlisberger following his first rape accusation, making for yet easy another connection between the Winston and Big Ben beyond being hefty quarterbacks who can extend the play and sometimes get accused of rape.

Well, that’s a cheery note to end the week on. We could have also had a verdict in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial but that’s been pushed back to next week, assuming the jury doesn’t want to deliberate all the way into May. C’mon jurors, we want to see if Hernandez’s bluntmaster defense is effective.

Troy Polamalu retired, a sad development for annoying Steelers fans like yours truly, though less sad than seeing him play not very well for another team and sustain even more head injuries.

— RGIII owes PFT Commenter fodder for takes. The NFL has him covered, though. The league hired its first full-time ref this week and PFTC’s take from today is still piping hot.

Gronk’s ghostwritten autobiography is coming out this summer. Funny, I still haven’t been contacted by the publisher about writing it. Look, I’ve tried all the flavors of Bud Light ‘Ritas. Don’t doubt my credentials.

— Duke won a national championship even though Tony Romo was rooting for them in person. I thought that wasn’t allowed to happen. Damn, this week sucked. Let’s do better next time, everybody.

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