KSK World Cup Open Thread: Columbia-Greece! England-Italy! Uruguay-Costa Rica! Japan-Côte d’Ivoire!

06.14.14 3 years ago 670 Comments

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Hope you went on your beer run early as today is one the most jam-packed of the “No I am not getting off this couch who do you think you are anyway asking me to get off my own couch, I bought it, didn’t I? Well then I intend to lie on it all day” days this World Cup.

Starting off with Columbia-Greece, we have a match between suddenly trendy up-and-comers Columbia, who haven’t made the world stage since the late ’90, and Greece who have done relatively decently in Euro play recently. Followed by Uruguay-Costa Rica, which means only one thing:

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Hello Diego Forlán! 

Then the premiere event of the day, Italy-England. Both sides are sort of a mess, so it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw a closer version of what we saw during the Netherlands-Spain matchup yesterday, but in this case, both teams are Spain.

And finally, Japan-Côte d’Ivoire which may not seem exciting if you’re not a big soccer fan, but know that Côte d’Ivoire is known for its superstars, Yaya and Kolo Toure, Didier Drogba and this Japanese team relies more on a fast offense than having any sort of a defense, so hoping for a relatively interesting match to finish off the night.

So come and go as you please, watch as you please. No pressure here. Even fall asleep on your own sofa if you like.  As always, if you don’t like the World Cup, here’s the door.  


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