KSK World Cup Open Thread: Kickoff! Brazil vs Croatia

06.12.14 3 years ago 230 Comments

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Tear gas, rubber bullets and protests! The World Cup is here!

Did you get your World Cup hate out with PFTC earlier? Good. You can still hate the World Cup, but let me tell you what I love about the World Cup.

  • Day drinking, which I love like evening drinking, night drinking and after hours drinking. (EDIT: Fine, and morning drinking)
  • Filling the time before training camp. We wrote about PANTS earlier for christ’s sake. God the offseason is miserable. Why not make it less-miserable by day drinking and watching a sport that doesn’t have commercials every two minutes. 
  • The one time every four years jingoism is okay. It allows even the biggest of hippies to wave the flag and yell, “AMERICA, FUCK YEAH.”
  • Every four years, helllloooooooo Diego Forlán
  • Ian Darke. Wish he called NFL games. He’s everything Phil Simms and Joe Buck are not. 
  • Cursing the French. 
  • Cursing the British. 
  • Again, day drinking and ignoring work. 

Anyway, we have to get through this miserable offseason together and the following month will go by much faster if we agree not to be miserable about an event that only happens every four years — You want to know how long it’s been since the last World Cup? Bros were still icing bros in 2010  — so less complaining, more just having fun and getting to the real football season in August. 

Today, just one game. Brazil versus Croatia. Did you know a host country has never lost the opening game? Let’s see if that changes today. 

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