KSK World Cup Open Thread: Switzerland-Ecuador! France-Honduras! Argentina-Bosnia and Herzegovina!

06.15.14 3 years ago 449 Comments

Good morning hungover campers. The time is now 8:30, and we only slightly feel less like death than we did at 3am this morning after going to an old school red sauce joint, a rarity in Los Angeles, and drinking some sort of chianti table wine. Thank goodness the first match of the day, Switzerland versus Ecuador (a country we’ve tried to spell at least once with a ‘q’) is perfect for napping. Not expecting much out of that one, it’s like more like a mid-season Bengals-Chiefs game. Not bad, but not great either. 

Action picks back up with France-Honduras as France looks to reestablish its prominence on the world stage against a usually solid Honduran team. (Side note, I am right now dying for a Honduran breakfast of baleadas con huevo y aguacate. Balaedas are these street food soft tacos, but with a thicker, softer bread usually filled with refried black beans and creme; these are with scrambled eggs and avocados. Perfect hangover food but I don’t dare challenge the Honduran shop owner near me for some this morning. He will not take your order unless you order in Spanish and I’m sure he’s in no mood for my poor language skills this mornings.)

Lastly, we have one of the world’s best teams and players in Argentina and Lionel Messi against a stout Bosnia and Herzegovina defense and one of my favorites, Man City striker Edin Dzeko. Should be the match of the day. 

See you on the sofa. Pass the hangover Pepsi.

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