KTFO: Robert Meachem assaulted by a male Gay (with bonus ball busting)

08.09.07 10 years ago 8 Comments

Who got Knocked The Fuck Out this week? Robert Meachem, that’s who. Rookies don’t realize they are supposed to play pre-season games on auto-pilot. Here, Saints receiver and former Tennessee Vol Robert Meacham gets his junk knocked loose Big East-style by Steeler rookie William “Big Play” Gay. Have I mentioned that it’s wonderful times ten to have the NFL back?

Caught most of the debut of “Hard Knocks” last night. The highlights for me: Gunther Cunningham calling one his players “numb-nuts” and Hall of Famer Charlie Joiner’s touching confession to a rookie that he once shit himself on the field. I didn’t realize until I checked my email this morning that the narrator of HK is Brian Fontana himself, Paul Rudd. (HT: Adam at Pacman Jonesin’).

Lastly, we present this bit of off-topic YouTube goodness. Play close attention to end. That MILF may have emasculated the poor bastard for the last time. How this ever made it onto television in the seventies is beyond me.

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