KTFO Theatre: Kimbo Slice returns to football

07.08.08 9 years ago 44 Comments

Before Kimbo Slice was a middling MMA fighter, he was a middling internet sensation. And before that he was a middling football player. In the video below, Kimbo’s prior incarnations come together in the form of a video that the lawyers for the Jackass people might want to review. Some attention-seeking mope agrees to play some football with the big guy with predictably bone-jarring results. Kimbo says he hasn’t put on the pads in 14 years, but you couldn’t tell by the way be blows up this chump. Of course Kimbo appears to have a 100 pounds on the poor bastard.

This video was produced by Kimbo’s “adult entertainment” connections. It’s refreshing that the shot-callers in the fight biz aren’t bogarting the Kimbo exploitation. After all, pornographers need to wet their beak too. Hopefully they let Kimbo keep the helmet after the shoot. He might want it the next time he takes 20+ consecutive elbows to the dome.

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