KTFO Theatre: starring an unlucky Bengals fan

10.23.08 9 years ago 39 Comments

A used car salesman, trying to cheer on his beloved Bengals, got KTFO Sunday by a still-at-large Steeler fan. Randy Reed was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken wrist after the blindside assault at Paul Brown Stadium. Adding insult to injury, his favorite Rudi Johnson jersey was ruined. What, pray tell, could have touched off such a violent scene?

“The guy said something about (Bengals president) Mike Brown. I’m one of the few people who will defend him, which is getting harder to do these days. I said, ‘Yeah, well, at least he’s not selling the team. You guys are going to be the L.A. Steelers.’ And the next thing I remember is waking up in the security office.”

Dude, you took an ass-whipping for defending Mike Brown? Do you think Mike Brown would take a beatdown for you? He’s sitting in one of the sky-boxes at his shiny new stadium with his shitty team and his lame-duck coach while you’re down there getting the living shit stomped out of you by some retard in a Greg Lloyd jersey. Being loyal to a team is irrational; being loyal to an owner who is not signing your paycheck is idiocy. Mike Brown does NOT have your back.

[ via Busted Coverage ]

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