Kyle Shanahan And RG3 are being, like, really mean to each other

12.15.13 4 years ago 9 Comments


So Jason La Can’tfora is such a gossip talking all this trash about Kyle this morning. Saying they wont even talk to each other in the hallways and stuff. And Im not trying to be a bitch about it but he needs to know that hes not all that, I dont care what his slutty little sources say. He doesnt know the half of it.

So like Roberts freshman year they were all besties and totes like BFF all the time. Kyle had  huuuuge crush on Robert even back when Robert was in college and Kyle use to actualy ask other coaches for tape just so he could watch Robert play. His dad was all, “Kyle, there are plenty’ve other QBs out there, dont get yourself so committed to just one. Your young. See whats out there.” And Kyle was all, “But I dont want a Russell Wilson. I dont care if theres a Andrew Luck or Ryan Tannehill. I want Robert. Were in love.” He was totaly butt crazy sprung on Robert. And now? Now Robert wont even say “hi” to Kyle in the hallways anymore. Whats up with that? I mean Im not trying to talk about them behind there backs but I heard that Kyle actually asked his Dad to give him a job and thats even the only reason Roberts in DC.

Then Kyle wanted Robert to be his first starter this year and Robert was all “Im not sure Im ready” and Kyle kind’ve almost pressured him into it and Robert was so sore afterwards. Kyle was hoping Griffin would get better at it after getting the first time out of the way, but he just played like a deadfish the whole year. I shouldnt be telling you any of this Im such a bitch. Then Robert got mad at Kyle and Kyle was all “Whatever, Cousins was better anyways Im going back to my old QB.” And Griffin was all, “Well youre playbooks to small anyways.”

NOW they wont even talk around the hallways, and Griffins got a picture of Brian Schottenheimer up in his locker and Kyle doesnt even know. Kyle says he doesnt even care that Robert wont talk to him anymore but you just no he really does. Kyle just hates the drama you know? But I hear that Robert was trying to study the playbook but coudnt focus on anything so he kept using speed to try and get through the games in stead of actually studying the right way you know? Kyle and Mike were all, “You cant use speed your going to hurt yourself Robert.” But Robert didnt even care hed just use it anways which was really janky and dangerous. Its just so grody you know? Then when Robert coudnt use speed anymore he kept failing.

Apparently at there homecoming next week verse the Cowboys Kyle had asked Griffin to play QB but then after his Dad made them break up hes taking Kirk instead. I was all whatever you were to good for Robert anywayz Kyle, but you could tell he was still butthurt about it. Whatever I cant wait for Kyle to get out of here theres way to much drama. Kyles Dad can get him into whatever College job he wants pretty much. I dont even care about it anymore its just I hate fake ppl you know? ANyways Im outtie 5000 I’ll see you at the dance Im going to get a stretch limo its going to be cray-cray. Im just going stag you know its more fun plus all the guys on this team are stuck up Im too good for them. If Mr. La Canfora finds this note just tear it up are something before he reads it in front of everyone. Kisses!



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