Watch A Mermaid Lady Gaga French Kiss Herself In The “Yoü And I” Video

08.16.11 6 years ago

Part of the allure of Lady Gaga theater is its unexpectedness, which warrants at least an one-time viewing just to say you saw it. Pop music’s biggest anomaly is still weirding up the wheel with her latest album, Born This Way and the newest cinematic presentation is no exception. “Yoü And I” places the songstress in array of costumes from male drag, to mermaid to her everyday garb of haute couture outlined by a cornfield in Nebraska, explainable only by the song’s country music tinge. Which assuredly doesn’t pigeonhole its accessibility.

It’s everything and nothing you expected at the same time. It’s Gaga. Born This Way is available on Amazon (for regular price) right now.

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