Larry Izzo Once Made Lofty Underpants Nuggets On The Sideline

05.03.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

A shame that Drew’s Jamboroo isn’t in season, as this would make workable Great Moments in Poop History fodder.

As part of Wes Welker’s awkward ongoing endorsement with Depend, one that has already yielded this commercial, fackin Welkah appeared on “Dan LeBatard is Highly Questionable” to share the tale of the time that GRITTY SPECIAL TEAMAH ACE LARRY IZZO soiled himself on the sideline of a game against the Dolphins. This apparently happened back when Welker still played for Miami (can’t blame Jeff Ireland for that departure), but he knows well of the tale, as the legend spread fast thanks to Izzo receiving a game ball from Grumblelord Belichick for his furtive pant-sh*tting prowess.

“This is 100% true,” Welker said. “And Larry would be so mad at me if I said that this did not happen, because he takes ultimate pride in this whole deal. ”

“He’s Izzo! That’s what he does!”

Doodie story begins at 3:20.

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