Late game open thread: I want to ______ Little Debbie.

10.24.10 7 years ago 61 Comments

Football Brownies- 17
Cleveland Brownies- 3

I’d thought somewhere along the line I’d outgrow my love for Little Debbies. At some point, I thought, the sirens’ call of Zebra Cakes and Swiss Cake Rolls from the end-cap at the supermarket would fall on deaf ears. But that never happened. Now I’m pretty much Little Debbie’s bitch.

In addition to the tried and true rotation of Oatmeal Creme Pies, Star Crunches and Fudge Rounds, the Goddess of Collegedale also blesses us with various seasonal offerings. Today I noticed the return of Football Brownies. And while I admiringly acknowledge that Sarah Sprague is the authoritative internet voice on gridiron grub–today I speak to my brethren, a lazier class of epicure. For that reason, I took a box of these home and subjected them to intense scrutiny.

Seem like they could double sales just by adding a little blue horseshoe.

Not being content to provide only my own opinion, I solicited opinions from consumers who totally weren’t my kids. One purely random eater (age 3) compared them favorably to his grandmother’s homemade brownies that he had that one time (“you memba?”). A second completely random sampler (age 1) offered no verbal appraisal of the brownie but smacked her lips enthusiastically and rubbed icing in her hair. I find this to be most apt assessment.

Are these just conventional Little Debbie brownies re-purposed into 8-bit footballs? No doubt about it. But even hexagonal versions of the quadrilateral classics are pretty fugging good. Highly recommended.

A brief and lackluster slate of late afternoon games. I may end up finishing this box of brownies.

ARI @ SEA **
NE @ SD **

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