Late game open thread: Wait has Mike Singletary ever won anything as a coach?

11.14.10 7 years ago 171 Comments

Um, is there anyone who HASN’T seen Rex Ryan sweat? I’m pretty sure the Jets’ Thanksgiving turkey will be served with oyster stuffing and Rex’s sweat gravy.

Earlier this week a reader emailed us about a series of motivational speeches by current and former football coaches currently being hawked on the NFL Network. I immediately wondered who exactly could benefit from using this product (“YEEEEARGH, NOW LET’s GET OUT THERE AND SELL SOME FREAKING KIAS”) and, more importantly, how I could best stretch it into a KSK post. Then I stumbled upon the latest gift from the rapidly-becoming-ubiquitous DJ Steve Porter:

All Rex wants is everything you’ve got, starting with your Ring Dings.

Good luck getting Sean Payton’s screech out of your head this afternoon. Today’s late games:

KC @ DEN **
DAL @ NYG **
STL @ SF *

[ thx to Sergio for the tip; video via Pigskinlovinglady ]

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