LaToeInjury Sells You Shoes To Go With Your Vizio

10.12.08 9 years ago 122 Comments

LaToeInjury and his merry band of SoCal underachievers attempt to exact revenge on a Patriots team that has consistently bedeviled them over the past few years. This Nike ad posits that LDT’s and Troy Polamalu’s entire lives have been building up to Troy tackling Tomlinson in the open field after an 8-yard run. Where’s the containment, Aaron Smith?

Okay, so Pittsburgh and San Diego don’t play for another month and a half. For tonight’s purposes you’ll have to pretend that’s Rodney Harrison in Polamalu’s stead. I’m sure his back story consists of more HGH injections and late hits and fewer liftings of lava rocks.

[Shutdown Corner]

Some blessed footage from the cheerleader Rack-Cam after the jump.

And, as always, kudos to NBC on the obligatory cheerleader shots.

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