Parachutes Are For Losers…

08.25.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

It’s already been proven that L.e., the helium-voiced MC from Columbus, OH has the skills to show and prove, so this post should just add to the equation. I had the liberty of previewing The Anti-Parachute Theory over the weekend and suffice to say, the free.99 price tag isn’t just a bargain, it’s grand larceny.

The funkdafied fashion of “Polo On My Body” is sure to be heard blaring out of car speakers and clothing stores alike when The Anti-Parachute Theory crash lands this Friday. Remember who told you so.


Download — L.e. – “Polo On My Body” (Produced By AU)



Download — L.e. Feat. Von Pea & P. Black – “She & Her”

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