An Open Letter To David Stern

04.26.10 7 years ago 25 Comments

Mr. Commissioner,

I know you’re as excited for the NBA offseason as anyone. Typically July and August are dead zones for the NBA as the sports world is focused on baseball, the NFL preseason and whatever US Weekly style floater ESPN can drum up about A-Rod or Tiger Woods. Not this year though. Nope, we’re in for two months of LeBron getting his attention-whore on as he makes every franchise genuflect before him in hopes of wooing him to their franchise. With D-Wade, Bosh, Amare and all the other marquee free agents up for grabs as well, the league’s going year round.

No doubt about it, you’ll enjoy every minute of it Mr Commish. And I bet you’re even secretly hoping that LeBron ends up on the same team as as Mr. Wade. Together, they’ll create an NBA super team in Miami, Chicago or New York to fill the shoes left vacated by the former Laker duo of Shaq and Kobe.

I’m begging you David: Use your powers to keep this from happening. As this Sunday’s games showed, this paring would be too good for the league.

Think of it from the perspective of the other team’s fans. I already had to watch Flash destroy my beloved Celtics, single-handedly leading a team of retreads and rejects by bombing three after three in Ray Allen’s mug. Worse, he provided the latest piece of evidence that Kevin Garnett can’t jump quite like he used to.

How can you embarrass a legend like that?

Meanwhile, LeBron only dropped a triple double that included thirty seven points, ripping the heart of the Bulls in MJ’s house. He added a bullet in the temple to close out the third quarter, just to make sure he finished the job.

I love watching two athletes play basketball. They’re great leaders, defensive stallions, able to create their own shots at will, yet committed to getting great shots for their teammates as well. Put them on the same team? Fans of the other 29 teams won’t have a chance.

And if they go to the Knicks? Or worse…the Lakers?

As fans of the Celtics, Bulls, Magic, whomever, we have enough anxiety worrying about these guys posterizing our favorite players and canning half court buzzer beaters. If they’re on the same team?

There won’t be a point to show up.

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