Could LeBron James Finally Have Found A Way To Eclipse Jordan?

08.02.13 4 years ago 36 Comments

Words By Preezy Da Kid

According to *insert disparaging adjective* Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports Network, the King of the basketball world is apparently looking to step up his presidential swag. Apparently, now that Derek Fisher’s term as president of the NBA Player Association is all but finished, reports indicate LeBron James is eying a bid at becoming Fisher’s successor.

The news raises eyebrows for good reason. In stark contrast to the notion that he may have been lacking in the leadership department during the earlier years of his career, he’s managed to flip the script and could become the collective bargaining torchbearer for current NBA players and generations to come. But something tells me this possible endeavor may also be about more than just basketball.

As it’s been noted time and time again, The Chosen One will forever be graded on “The Jordan Curve,” meaning he has to match or at least come close to Money’s six rings and Finals MVP trophies to see his name in the conversation regarding NBA greatness. Factor in the cache of being the guy that took Nike from the ground floor to the penthouse of the sports apparel market and His Airness’ global appeal and the task becomes daunting, even for a supremely gifted being such as LeBron.

Overcoming a G.O.A.T. in any arena is the thing of legend. Tom Brady may be good, but when all is said and done, Joe Montana will still be viewed as the measuring stick of quarterbacking. Same thing with Sidney Crosby and Wayne Gretzky. No matter the milestones accomplished by an heir apparent, there’s a special aura around being the first to do “it.” Only a handful of people have been able to eclipse the mythical like exploits of these types.

Yet, LeBron may be looking to eclipse the looming figure of Jordan off the basketball court as a goal, thus making his on-court exploits even more mythical, since with any legend it’s usually everything other than what they primarily are famous for that strengthens their mystique. Imagine LBJ using this first foray into an executive role as a stepping. Were King James to become a true majority owner later in life and personally groom the superstars of the next few decades among other groundbreaking feats in addition to, lets say, five rings and Finals MVPs, the Olympic gold medals and serving as a hybrid of basketballs two most beloved stars in MJ and Magic? I would say what’s now the shadow of Jordan could become a slither of darkness, if anything at all.

By attempting to blaze new trails and possibly writing his name in the historical context, he may add to his chances of actually becoming the future G.O.A.T. in the basketball context.

So, if you’re wondering what LeBron’s angle is concerning this possible venture, trust me, it may be about more than basketball.

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