Let This Be A Lesson, Bowl Game Site Selection Committees

12.01.11 6 years ago 36 Comments

Early design of Indianapolis tourism Plan B

We were getting around to ripping the hilariously atrocious Super Bowl Shuffle spoof put together by the Pawnee Parks & Rec Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association to attract visitors to what the Greeks call “Indiana City” but the rest of us refer to as UGH GOD THE BLOB’S GOT ME SAVE YOURSELF. But by the time we got over being busy masturbating and promoting Drew’s book, the video had already been yanked from YouTube by virtue of universal shaming.

Which is too bad, because the video should have been allowed to stand forever as a testament to why Indianapolis must never be allowed to host anything beyond eating contests and Forever Lazy fetish conventions. We’ve been fairly lax in dumping on the Fat Humps this season. That’ll happen when neck AIDS turns decent chokers into an 0-11 laughingstock. If 2009 is any indication, they’ll get to 0-14, get frightened by the chance to make history, pull all their non-shitty starters and win their final two games. Can’t wait for Andrew Luck to Elway (or to translate it to Manning-speak, “to Eli”) the shit out of them.

Explain yourselves, Indianapolis tourism flacks.

BAHAHAHAHAHA. Yesssssss. Indianapolis, where our tourism people love the Bears and host their meetings in a real city like Chicago!

By the way, no one apparently wants to come to Indy for the The Big Ten Championship Game this weekend, either. It seems event promoters might be trying to give away tickets to “seat fillers” on the sly on Craigslist. Seat fillers? Just your luck. That’ll only take, tops, a dozen Fat Humps.

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