Let’s Go Live to Ape Headquarters for His Victory Speech

01.19.09 9 years ago 56 Comments

I liked the part where the announcers pretended that Joe Flacco is a decent NFL quarterback. I mean, when they make a big deal about you completing four passes in a row for the first time in three games, perhaps you need some work.

To the Ratbirds credit, they executed the “hurt the player that’s most effective against us and allow pass interference penalties to put us on the 1” strategy to a tee. I was sweating it for a while. Credit to the Ravens for giving the Steelers three nailbiters this year. HOW VERY KIND OF TO YOU LOSE ALL THREE AS WELL!

The team should have listened to Hines. Rimas Sweed is wolst tarr leceivel evel. Maybe he should just stick to laying out Corey Ivy.

Yes, Mike. Santonio can make an awesome bong out of it.

And even though Hines got hurt early on, his Asiatic friends were still pleased with the outcome.

Finally, here’s the dorkiest shirt I saw in the inaugural rally before the game by a healthy margin.

Bring it, Buzzsaw boy. You and your iPhone.

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