Levi Brown Is Also Cursed But Comes With Your Choice Of Toppings

10.13.13 4 years ago


Let’s play a game of “Would You Rather?” Would you rather: a. Have ever played on the Cardinals’ offensive line at any point or b. Become cursed by a trailer full of witch doctors/Stephen King gypsies/weirdo old guys who sell mogwais? Trick question. The answer is “just kill yourself”. Seriously, Steelers, if you’re trying to salvage a season by getting some help at offensive line, maybe consider not dipping into a pool that has consistently either given up a million sacks per game, or had the least timely injuries in the league.

Levi Brown who was acquired via trade with the Cardinals last week, has already found himself injured during the warmups of a game that featured Mike Adams inactive, which leaves Guy Whimper next in line, which is totally not a made up name.

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