Lightsaber Flashlight Giveaway: Shine A Light On The Dark Side Of The Force

09.29.11 6 years ago 58 Comments

Update: NumberJonny5 you are our winner! You have 24 hours to respond to our email.

This flashlight plus a Kaiburr crystal and you’ll be able to cut a wampa’s arm off! Or at least temporarily blind it by shining the light in his eyes.

Gamma Squad is going to be giving away a Lightsaber Flashlight from the Neatoshop. This way if you have to do some investigating in your scary basement, you’ll have the confidence booster of knowing you look like a Jedi. Ghosts are scared of Jedi, right?

Here’s how to enter and the rules:

  • Post a comment below.  It doesn’t have to be anything profound (it could be about how you want to use a fog machine and the flashlight to recreate lightsaber battles), but put a valid email address in the email field so we can contact you if you win. Do not put any private information in any other fields besides the email field; those fields will display publicly.
  • One entry per email. One entry per computer. Attempting to enter more than once disqualifies you.
  • U.S. residents only (Sorry, Luxembourg).
  • You have until 10:00 PM EST Monday, October 3rd, 2011 to enter.  A winner will be picked with a random number generator (20 sided dice) and we’ll email you shortly afterward. The subject line of the email will be “Lightsaber Flashlight Contest Winner“.
  • The winner has until 11:59 PM EST Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 to reply to the email. If we don’t get a response by then, we’ll pick a new winner who will enjoy the respect and admiration of anyone who needs something illuminated.


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