Lil B In “Worst Interview Ever”

06.07.10 7 years ago 54 Comments

I’m sorry this had to be my first Lil B post. I’m sorry we couldn’t be instrumental in explaining to the nonbelievers why the Basedgod is the Leo Tolstoy of his generation, this time around. I’m also sorry Mr. B. here, hasn’t fully grasped the concept of a “rapper entourage” just yet.

Look at those little pansies on his left, preoccupied with twisting their girly joints. After a few muffled “Hey, hey’s,” a menacing scowl is enough retreat their tails back into their rightful place. O.K., maybe they weren’t with him, but they sure had no problem being in his presence when it was all swag bags and bad metaphors.

As for the “interviewer,” or Judas in the V-neck sweater, there’s plenty that comes with the territory. Funny-style characters with Master’s degrees in Hoeism that befriend you — just to hit you where it hurts the most (obviously the face).

Lesson learned for our young soldier. Take your lumps and march on, champ.

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