Lock Lil Boosie, But You Can’t Trap His Music

04.16.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

As Boosie went in, the word was there would be a song released every week until he returned to the streets. Wishful thinking since he got a little longer than the average rapper bid. Still, he (and/or his team) did manage to keep up a good pace before slacking. After a quiet spell, here’s three recent songs from Bad Azz, off some mixtape that is circulating around Baton Rouge. For my listening, “F#ck’em All” sounds to be the keeper since he directs scathing (and somewhat personal) lines @ Trill Ent. for their shady tactics employed, specifically with his last album.

Props to HaZe for shootin’em through to the inbox.


Download — Lil Boosie – “F#ck’em All”

Download — Lil Boosie – “Baby Gangsta”

Download — Lil Boosie – “8 Motherf#ckers”

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