The Non-Enthusiast’s Guide To What’s Going On With Lil Boosie: A Timeline

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If it seems as if saga of Torrence Hatch – better known as Lil Boosie – was a confusing, crazy and demented one, that’s because it was. We could wax poetics of what his release means and how social media was split into two completely different factions upon receiving the news. However, now’s not the time for all that.

Instead, let’s retrace our steps of how things went from good, to bad, to really bad, to “it was nice knowing, you Boo,” to good to planning welcome home parties in every hood club in America as we present a timeline in the sage of Bad Azz for all of those who may not be up to speed on what a Lil Boosie is or why his name is buzzing around the ‘net today.

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August 2009: Boosie’s Trial Date Set

Want to know why Boosie was in trouble in the first place? Here’s your answer.

A Louisiana judge ruled Tuesday morning sheriff’s deputies properly seized a bag of marijuana, a cigar containing the drug, and a gun from a car driven by Baton Rouge rapper Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch last fall.

The 26-year-old is charged with third-offense possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance.

Bad Azz was scheduled to stand trial September 28.


September 2009: David D.’s Classic TSS/Boosie Interview

As with anything in life, certain moments in a person’s career standout more than others. Way back in 2009, David was still a fresh, young, baby-faced journalist still riding high from a Saints Super Bowl earlier that year. Bonded by their Gulf backgrounds, Young David landed the interview of a lifetime with Baton Rouge’s prized possession.

TSS: What’s your craziest female on the road story?

Lil’ Boosie: One time a girl was giving me head and she threw up on me.

TSS: (Laughs!!!) Wait a minute. What? What the hell happened?

Lil’ Boosie: Nothing. We were in the room and she was giving me head and I thought it was too far down her throat and she did like this [gagging noise] and it just came out everywhere on me. I just grabbed that motherfucker by her hair and then just ran to the bathroom.

TSS: Alright–

Lil’ Boosie: But guess what though? I went back because I hadn’t gotten my nut after I wiped off. That made me more ready.

TSS: So wait, you let her keep giving you head!?

Lil’ Boosie: After I wiped up and got it clean with that Irish Springs, I had to catch my nut so I let her go on and go back. I made her brush her teeth.

TSS: …

From a particular freaky tale with a groupie to doing certain things with pills and girl’s booties, it’s safe to say there hasn’t a wilder, more hilarious and eye-popping Q&A session around these parts since.

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September 2009: Boosie Sentenced

“It’s just a minor setback for a major comeback. I was gonna take ’em to trial, but I’m not gonna take them to trial. They offered me a deal. In Louisiana, you can’t really win, bruh. So I’m gonna do my year, come back home, step it up even more.”

After agreeing to a plea deal, The Patron Saint Of All Things Good In Thy Hood was sentenced to two years in prison.

November 2009: Bye, Bye Boosie

While released a year later, Boosie and Motion Family’s Last Dayz documentary flawlessly captured Baton Rouge’s favorite son and his last days amongst family, friends and a hectic tour schedule.

It also didn’t help Boo was taken into custody for leaving his house while under home confinement.


The Advocate

June 2010: Here Come The Murder Charges

Things went from bad to unfathomably terrible as Boosie was hit with first-degree murder charges in the death of 35-year-old Terry Boyd and indicted for “multiple drug possession charges.” Remember the name Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding moving forward, too, as he was the hitman Boosie alleged paid.

And here’s where things really got weird. Boyd’s sister, Rochelle Wagner, is the mother of Boosie’s daughter.

November 2011: Webbie In Walmart Happens

During Boosie’s time away, his brother Webbie become a rap legend of sorts. Not exactly for his music – which always seemed to lack a certain punch without Bad Azz – but rather for the unique style of interviews he gave.

None better than he and Julia Beverley’s incredibly…what’s the best way to say this…introspective session in a local Walmart.

Around this same time, Boosie plead guilty to three charges of conspiring to smuggle drugs into prison. Hey, we never said he was a genius.

May 2012: Lil Boosie Lyrics Allowed In Court

Needless to say, the outlook looked anything but prosperous for Boosie at this point.

At trial Wednesday, a computer forensics expert testified that during the session Boosie recorded a lyric for a song called “187” — police code for homicide — in which he rapped, “Yo Marlo. He drive a Monte Carlo. I want that [expletive] dead.”

Two minutes later, the expert said, Hatch rapped that he was the “John Gotti of the south side” and added: “I want that [expletive] dead today.”

Just before midnight, he allegedly rapped: “Please tell him it’s from Boosie when you hit that [expletive] up.”

That wasn’t a good look either.


May 2012: Jeff Weiss Details The Trial For Rolling Stone

Without question, Jeff Weiss is the official source for all things Lil’ Boosie. Weiss’ in-depth account on the state of Louisiana versus Bad Azz brought to light the true nature Boo’s date with destiny (or fate).

It was also here where Weiss details Louding’s confession that neither he nor Boosie had any role in Boyd’s killing. His original confession – which said he was paid $2,800 for the killing – only originated because of “crooked cops” saying he would be executed and his relatives imprisoned, and that Boosie ordered a $25,000 hit on his life. The prosecution’s main witness changing his story turned out to be their biggest undoing.


May 2012: Boosie Found Not Guilty

“The quick verdict showed that they should never have charged him. We didn’t call a single witness because every single witness they called, even the police officers, did not say anything connecting Torence to this.” – Defense attorney Jason Williams

On May 11, just days after allowing his lyrics permissible in court, jurors needed an hour to find Boosie not guilty.

Of the verdict, Judge Mike Erwin said, “”You’ve been found not guilty. You stuck your fist up in the air and I can’t exactly say that I blame you.”


June 2012: Lil Phat Murdered

Not even a month following Boosie’s not guilty verdict, Trill Entertainment family member Lil Phat was murdered outside an Atlanta hospital. He was awaiting the birth of his child.

Since then, the case has taken several twists and turns that’s seen Russian mobsters, former college basketball players and a rapper (possibly in retaliation to stolen weed…yeah) all implicated in the killing.

April 2013: Michael Louding Found Guilty

Things weren’t so sweet for “Marlo Mike” who was found guilty of first degree murder of Boyd. He was sentenced in July 2013 to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Boosie Celebration

September 2013: Weiss Hints At Boosie’s 2014 Release

Weiss once again got Boosie fanatics in a tizzy when he tweeted not only did judges agree to return Boosie’s PC hard drives filled with unreleased records but also Boosie would emerge out of Angola’s decrepit walls within four or five months.

Boosie rodep

October 2013: Boosie Attends A Prison Rodeo

This was the greatest prison photo in the history of prison photos. And even smiled for a picture.


March 2014: Boosie Returns Home

After weeks of speculation, the news that had been nearly five years in the making was confirmed on yesterday, March 5. Lil Boosie is no longer known by a prison number. Dust off those Coogi sweater vests and breakout the wood-tip Black & Milds.

The countdown to new music begins…now.

Correction: We updated the post to reflect Boosie pleading guilty to conspiring to smuggle drugs into prison in November 2011.

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