This Is The Absolute Best Lil Boosie News We’ve Heard All Year

09.16.13 4 years ago 29 Comments

At some point, I just stopped investing in Boosie prison rumors. At least, that was until well-respected journalist/Boosie documenter Jeff Weiss unleashed the weekend’s two most under-the-radar tweets. The first is the one pictured above. The second is the kicker. Ready? No, really, you ready? Seriously, I’m not going to ask again. Ladies and gentlemen, this…

Our ghetto lord and savior of all things ratchet and ignorant will be home at the latest by some point in early 2014. What were Gotty and I’s first reactions? Probably something similar to this because now a possible Bad Azz/Freddie Gibbs collaboration could be this much closer to happening:

Boosie crazy face

While nothing is 100% set in stone just yet, Weiss, again, is more in touch with the Boosie situation than 98% of the outside world. It’s more so a waiting game at this point to see what the next steps in the process are. His lawyers and the team around him have been extremely private in regards to Boosie’s impending freedom for obvious reasons. However, the fact Weiss’ tidbit was given to him with the permission to be released to the public is something of a positive.

Let us all pray the information relayed to him is more fact than fiction. Hold that copy of Ghetto Stories close to your heart tonight, America. Your forgotten son could be almost home.

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