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10.11.13 16 Comments

When I read the headline “Boosie Spotted at Annual Prison Rodeo Smiling at Fan,” the words sucked my next two breaths away from me before I could react. The headline scared me into imagining our thug hero Bad Azz caught in a compromising picture wearing chaps and his arms dropped across the shoulders of another inmate. No, this couldn’t be happening to Boosie Boo.

Thankfully, none of the above was the case once I saw the photo included. The pic was reportedly captured at an actual prison rodeo, an event that must be a form of punishment inflicted on inmates in states like Louisiana and Texas. There’s Boosie, managing a wry smile for whoever is taking the snapshot.

So there we have it. Boosie is alive and well, and another day closer to being home, the same man who his granny called “her special grandson.”

Photo: VladTV

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