PoV: Lil Boosie And Young Jeezy In The Lab

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
03.10.14 7 Comments

Lil Boosie and Young Jeezy plottin’ on a collaboration?

The two have a pretty solid work history. As utterly bad as Superbad was, “Better Believe It” was one of the better tracks from the LP. Again, the competition wasn’t stiff at all on that stink-pile though but their contrasting voices worked well on the record. They also worked together on The Recession’s “Everything,” the forgotten song “Turn Up Or Die” as well as both appearing on Khaled’s “Out Here Grindin’.”

Since we’re here, here’s a reminder to check back here at 2pm/1pm CST as Atlantic plans to host Boosie’s first post-prison press conference, which we’ll be streaming live.

Correction: The MTV story referenced previously was from 2009.

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