A Living Legend: Nike Basketball Announces The Return Of Lil Penny

02.12.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

Lil Penny lead

Nike Basketball’s officially brought back one of the company’s most famous non-athlete spokesmen next to Mars Blackman. That’s right, Lil Penny’s back, most likely to coincide with the arrival of his upcoming sig shoe, the Lil Penny Posite.

The little guy’s life was legendary with no need for us to recount the tales of commercials, his party lifestyle and relations with Tyra Banks. Hell, Jay Z once shouted him out in a song. Still the Swoosh and the Lil one know there are those out there who don’t know a true player when they see one, so he’s back talking his sh*t in true Lil Penny fashion.

“I had it all. The cars, the fame, the mansion on top of another mansion. Then I got that itchy feeling. The league was pretty as a picture. But something was missing.

“It’s me! Li’l Penny! You don’t know my repertoire? You’re not familiar with my work? I’m a living legend. I’m your favorite player’s favorite player. I’m a baller, a lover, a poet. Any questions?”

None whatsoever, LP. Game recognize game.

Lil Penny

Lil Penny Nike

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