Are We To Blame For This Video Of Lil Reese Beating Up A Young Woman?

10.25.12 5 years ago 96 Comments

The biggest news on the net two weeks ago was a video of a bus driver upper-cutting a 25-year old female that had attacked and spit on him. When the video ran here, it sparked a very thoughtful discussion amongst our commenters. The general consensus was she was acting out, spit on him and had it coming even though he probably could have found a better way to handle himself in that situation. Now, both the driver and the victim are facing charges and jail time.

However, the analysis our readers and others put to the video gave way to .gifs, memes and parody videos that essentially relegated the incident to caricatures of what really happened. The bus driver was an uppercutting hero and the woman was a hood rat looking for a beating while the Internet turned the whole thing into a big “LOOK AT HOW FUNNY I CAN MAKE THIS LULZ.”

Fast forward to now and the purveyors of societal dignity over at WorldStarShitHop have unleashed a video of Lil Reese brutally assaulting a female in someone’s home. Was she cursing him? Yes. Did she hit him? Yes. But – and I hate that I even have to explain that here – that doesn’t justify what happened next. Reese (and a friend of his in a red hoodie) swarmed her with rights and lefts while she tried to defend herself, back against the wall. When she falls to the ground, Reese stomps on her dozens of times despite pleas for him to stop. It’s disgusting.

But I can’t help but think this is some misguided attempt to capitalize on the celebrity of the bus driver video. Clearly this assault and the bus driver video are two different situations, but that all seems to be lost on Reese and his friends. The caption on WSHH, submitted by GBE affiliate De’Andre Nichols says “First the bus driver now this?”

Now, Reese and company aren’t receiving the sort of support the bus driver felt. Despite the fact Reese is claiming the video is years old, the fact remains we’ve all witnessed him “stomp out” a woman and it’s alarming. After the Jojo shooting incident (which Reese also played a role in), it’s hard for anyone to support the GBE movement and feel anything but sorry for these kids and the culture they’re helping disseminate to the masses.

I can only hope this doesn’t end as tragically as the Jojo situation, but it’s not certain. A female with the Twitter handle Baby54465 is tweeting threats to Reese supposedly in retaliation for the video.

A few months ago, I wrote that I’d be in support of Keef and his guys if they used their fame to uplift those around them from their situation. This isn’t them doing that. Honestly, it’s about time for Interscope and Def Jam to either rein these guys in by giving them guidance or cut ties completely.

Correction: It was stated that Lil Mouse referenced the fight in a series of jokes on Twitter. It was also stated that Lil Reese was responding to the woman he assaulted via Twitter. Both of these were references to fake Twitter accounts. Mouse hasn’t made reference to the incident on Twitter and Reese hasn’t addressed the woman in the video.

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