Lil Twist Ft. Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber – “Twerk”

08.28.13 4 years ago 26 Comments

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This is never going to stop because Miley already told you that she can’t stop. When the supposed artwork for “Twerk” leaked a couple of months ago, I was hoping against all hope that this a cruel hoax, you know, like how Morgan Freeman dies every few months. Just something to get everyone riled up.

But, nope.

Here they are the three little rascals – Miley “Young Flatback” Cyrus, Justin Bieber and that goddamn Lil Twist aka “I Turn Out All These Other Kids Like Telly From KIDS” – doing their song titled “Twerk.”

For the record, Miley not only stole the thunder of the real Twerk Team (more on that later) she also jacked the hell out of Danny Brown’s style. Face it, there’s Jordan and then there’s Danny when it comes to tongue-wagging for the camera. Danny know what’s up.

I’m going to swipe something David said in an earlier email convo. Full credit to him, by the way.

“Supposedly, Lil Miss Ratchet is going to be on a “Black Skinhead” remix for Kanye. I don’t know which one is more confusing: the fact that these rappers are parading her around ‘look at how powerful we are that we have this white girl from the Disney Channel twerking and singing for us’…and she’s going along with it.

“It’s just interesting that if a Black person were to hop on a song about white power or something, they’d be seen as an Uncle Tom. But Miley hops on a song about Black power and Kanye is still seen as the one selling out.

“No matter what, the white voice is the one given the leverage and power in both instances.”

Now, let me ask you – who’s zoomin’ who?

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