Lil Wayne – “Dear Anne” (Stan Pt. 2)

06.13.11 6 years ago 29 Comments

One of my favorite records from Tha Carter III was “Dr. Carter” mainly because it showcased Weezy stepping outside of his comfort zone. At least, that’s what I convinced myself. We know he can make club anthems in his sleep, give us the rapid fire tracks in the vein of “A Milli” and “6’7′” as well as the occasional introspective record. The aforementioned Swizz Beatz-produced number found Wayne adopting a concept and sticking to it throughout the record. And now I’m beginning to think there’s a possibility Swizzy brings that type of vibe out of Mr. Carter.

Today saw the birth of the long awaited “Dear Anne” that Mr. Keys has been singing the praises of for months now. It orginally intended to fall into the clutches of Marshall Mathers, but for one reason or another, Wayne took advantage and created what you will soon hear. To be fair, it won’t pack the initial and long term significance Eminem’s did, but it is still a pretty dope record nonetheless. Cita’s son and Dirk’s new BFF pens a letter to his “number one fan” detailing the stresses of the life he leads and why her support is so vital over a series of pages. As noted earlier, Wayne’s ability to stick to a concrete approach shine brightest on this somber Swizz selection.

What’s the bad news in all of this? It’s not on Tha Carter IV. On second thought, maybe that’s a good thing for Swizz. He probably wouldn’t have gotten paid anyway.

Respect: KC

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